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Home is Where the Art is .... my journey into quilting

Home is Where the Art is .... my journey into quilting


As part of the exhibition in Cumbria in May/June 2013, I created a book describing my journey into quilting.

Hand bound, with fabric scraps on most pages, it tells of my influences and passion for colour and hand stitching.

I will make each order as it is placed and so each one will have different fabric scraps. Please say if you would like these to be pinned to the pages rather than glued, so you can remove them for your own use, otherwise I will glue them using fabric glue.

The original book has been edited to include a description of all the quilts I made for the exhibition along with the story behind each one.
its about 30 pages at present, but I may edit it a bit more.
its an ever changing thing!

I will sign and number each copy - so you will have a unique record and a glimpse into my creative world.

please allow time for me to make your copy.


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